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A. J. Vrana

I write dark contemporary fantasy and supernatural horror inspired by lesser known folklore.

A. J. Vrana is a Serbian-Canadian academic and writer from Toronto, Canada. She lives with her two rescue cats, Moonstone and Peanut Butter, who nest in her window-side bookshelf and cast judgmental stares at nearby pigeons. Her doctoral research examines the supernatural in modern Japanese and former-Yugoslavian literature and its relationship to violence, and her Master of Health Studies research focuses on type 1 diabetes and emotional labour in young adults.

When not toiling away at caffeine-fueled, scholarly pursuits, she enjoys jewelry-making, cupcakes, and concocting dark tales to unleash upon the world. Her favourite videogame franchise will always be Zelda, with Majora’s Mask capturing her heart like no other game. She has a soft spot for Capcom’s Okami and the Devil May Cry series, but she will rabidly defend Ninja Theory’s horrendously underrated DmC: Devil May Cry reboot. 

A. J. Vrana’s published works include The Chaos Cycle Duology: The Hollow Gods (2020) and The Echoed Realm (2021) from The Parliament House Press, and a short supernatural horror story, These Silent Walls (2020), printed in Three Crows Magazine.

Looking for an awesome beta reader, editor, or proofreader? Please check out the wonderful Malorie Nilson. Her services are an invaluable asset to any writer!