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These Silent Walls Now Available in Paperback!

Back in 2020, my short supernatural horror story, These Silent Walls, was published in Three Crow's Magazine, one of my favourite Ukrainian SFF literary mags!

Three Crow’s Magazine publishes cutting edge science fiction and fantasy with an eye towards experimentation, social commentary, and uplifting lesser known voices in the literary community. This was my first foray into the world of short fiction and a wonderful experience.

I absolutely adore Three Crows, so if you haven’t checked out their magazine, please do! They do truly amazing work, book reviews, and author interviews. You can check out their volumes on their website or on Amazon, and they frequently post stories on their website for free.

I’m also pleased to announce that my story, These Silent Walls, is now available for purchase in my shop as a stand-alone paperback. The story is 30 pages long and features some snazzy supernatural thrills.


Twenty-year-old Thalia is determined to put the past behind her. 

With a supportive therapist and newfound independence, Thalia moves into the third floor flat of a rickety old row home, though the creaky ceiling and darting shadows seem like more than just resident mice. Nonetheless, Thalia isnโ€™t too concerned. With a budding romance on the horizon, life is too good to worry about ghosts scuttling past doorways and creeping through corridors. 

But when Thaliaโ€™s new partner Seth moves in, the creaks turn to tremors, and the tremors give way to shattering glass and violent thuds. Are the disturbances psychological, or is something more sinister manifesting between the walls? As uncertainty blooms, Thaliaโ€™s charming, centuries-old home is transformed into a prison where the unspoken hangs heavy in the air.


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