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The Chaos Cycle

The Chaos Cycle is a universe I have created to encompass all my stories, characters, and volatile musings.

While it is a fictional realm, the Chaos Cycle is inspired by the concept of helix time. Unlike cyclical time common to Buddhism and Hinduism, helix time takes the complexity up a notch by proposing that there are cycles within cycles, and that we are always closer to home than we might think.

Imagine the center of a spiral; that center is your coreโ€”your home. Helix time suggests that we are always revolving around that core, and that no matter how far we think weโ€™ve moved away from it, we are always closer than we realize. The movement away from the center is slow, as is our growth and evolution, because we are destined to repeat the same cycles time and time again. But with each revolution, we complete one meta-cycle in preparation for a larger purpose. As we move away, we draw closer to the place we are meant to go; and yet even as we grow and overcome our trials, we continue to gravitate around the same core.

The genres I have applied to The Chaos Cycle include but are not limited to: dark fantasy, magical realism, and supernatural horror. The universe incorporates aspects of Southeastern Slavic mythologies and folk belief, drawing on their fairy tales and folklore to enrich and enchant the otherwise mundane setting of the stories.