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Sapling – Signed Paperback



26 page folk horror story first published in Clan Destine Press’ This Fresh Hell, now available as a stand alone paperback with a new cover.

When Vuya was born, her parents named her after the one thing witches fear: wolves.

The villagers whisper of hags who steal the souls of unborn children, an affliction Vuya’s parents knew well before their daughter’s birth. And Vuya’s name—Wolf—is all that protects her from the witch’s ravening hunger.

Eighteen years later, long after her father’s death, Vuya’s mother mysteriously falls ill. Determined to save her only remaining family, Vuya delves into the dark world of the occult only to discover that her mother’s affliction may not be physical at all, but a curse that has followed her family for years.

And the culprit may just be the same witch who stole her siblings’ souls.

All copies are signed by me.

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