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Stray Feathers: Extras from The Chaos Cycle Duology



Stray Feathers: Extras from The Chaos Cycle features seven spicy stories that take place between The Hollow Gods (book #1) and The Echoed Realm (book #2). Totalling 135 pages, these stories explore the primary couple’s relationship between books and offer fans a never before seen glimpse into the characters’ pasts.

Stray Feathers is best enjoyed after reading both The Hollow Gods and The Echoed Realm, though five of the seven stories only require familiarity with The Hollow Gods.

You can receive Stray Feathers at a discounted price when you purchase it as an add-on with the The Chaos Cycle paperback set or the hardback set.

Not all love stories begin in the stars. Some begin in blood.

Miya and Kai were fated to cross paths, but that doesn’t make their shared road any easier. After the horrific events of Black Hollow, Miya Delathorne finds herself alone. Her only friend and ally: Kai Donovan, a man with a brutal past and a vicious streak to show for it.

They barely know one another, their future as murky as their roots, but the scorching chemistry between them leaves little room for doubt and even less for clothing. Love isn’t always pretty, but sometimes, it might be worth the trouble.

Miya and Kai have bested ancient gods and sinister hauntings, but can they conquer their greatest challenge yet: living together.

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Praise for The Hollow Gods

Vrana’s dark, folklore-infused debut, the first of a duology, introduces readers to the residents of Black Hollow, who hold their daughters close and their twisted secrets closer…Vrana crafts a unique local mythology and draws from existing lore to create a sense of creeping dread. Vrana is off to a strong start with this solid, suspenseful tale.

Publisher’s Weekly


This dazzling debut pulls you in with its compelling characters and horrifying mystery and keeps you in its thrall until the final page. The writing sizzles with menace, and the dark mythology A. J. Vrana weaves from dreams and nightmares is unlike any I’ve ever encountered, in and out of books. A perfect story for contemporary fantasy readers who love their narratives razor-sharp and their secrets dark and deadly.
– Katya de Becerra, author of OASIS and WHAT THE WOODS KEEP


A. J. Vrana’s debut “The Hollow Gods” is an exciting contemporary horror-fantasy that shines when it declines to play frights, which are easy, and instead explores dread, collective and generational grief, trauma, and historical responsibility…The fragmented, surgically precise narrative builds from the utterly, painfully ordinary to the absurd and fantastic.

– Alex Khlopenko, Three Crows Magazine

Praise for The Echoed Realm

Compulsively readable, with complicated characters and expansive world-building, this is an epic, macabre folktale for a new generation. Vrana’s lyrical writing is a mix of poetry, chaos, violence, and energy, blending to create a wild and wonderful potion, and I can’t wait to read more from this rich new voice in contemporary fantasy.

– Kim Smejkal, author of INK IN THE BLOOD and CURSE OF THE DIVINE


“What at first seems a familiar battle of good vs. evil is cleverly turned on its head as Vrana pulls readers down the rabbit hole into her strange, folkloric world.”

– Publisher’s Weekly


The Echoed Realm pulls no punches and offers a masterfully crafted supernatural horror that’s not afraid to face the hard truths and imagine a different kind of world.

Three Crows Magazine


“Everything about this book has a dark and spellbinding edge…an emerging threat in your peripheral vision, a creeping dread. Horror, supernatural, and fantasy push the threads of realism to its very edges.”

The Coy Caterpillar Reads Book Reviews

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