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Wildblood – Limited Edition Pre-order Box



Releases October 29, 2024

Out of stock


All hardbacks come signed and personalized. Please leave a note at check out if you do not want your copy personalized.

Each pre-order box includes:

  • 6×9″ hardcover with sprayed edges, jacket illustrated by Aleksandra Skiba, and naked case illustrated by Jaqueline Florencio. Please note the sprayed edge design is not finalized.
  • 2 spicy art prints (5×7″) by Wendibones and Jaqueline Florencio
  • 1 bonus character art print (5×7″) by Marie Magdy
  • A 2-page spicy comic of a scene in the book, illustrated by Wendibones
  • 2 double-sided character portraits (4.72×4.72″) by Wendibones
  • 2 character stickers by Wendibones (3×2.5″)
  • 2oz Wildblood-themed candle by Dege Creative
  • Acrylic Wildblood-themed bookmark with red and black tassels by Dege Creative
  • 2oz Cinnamon Spice flavored coffee by Fable Grounds Coffee
  • Custom-designed cocktail menu from the King of Spades (a haunted bar in Wildblood) with six never-before-seen cocktail recipes based off Wildblood characters. Artwork by The Hanna Nguyen Studios and Laura Johnston
  • Acrylic charm/keychain designed by Aadorah (2×1.5″)
  • Cute creature sticker designed by Aadorah (3×2.5″)
  • Annotation supplies (highlighter and tabs)

Book Synopsis:

The Witcher meets October Daye with a splash of John Wick in this dark, gritty, and sexy urban fantasy-noir.

Kai Donovan has always had sharp teeth.

Earning his keep as an underground fighter in South Boston, he revels in well-earned notoriety. Wild. Irreverent. Vicious. His secret: he’s the monster from a fable.

But when Kai loses a match against a mysterious opponent whose ferocity rivals his own, he finds himself beholden to the underworld. What he owes isn’t money, but the recovery of an elusive prize coveted by the city’s most dangerous criminals.

His partner Miya—burdened with the ability to traverse dreams—spends her days investigating supernatural phenomena. When she receives a shadowy proposal to find a missing teenager, she’s confronted with the possibility that another like her exists.

As Kai and Miya chase ghosts, the threads of their pursuits weave into a menacing tapestry. Kai’s dark past returns to haunt him, threatening the bonds he believed to be ironclad. Unhealed wounds fester as he’s faced with a ruinous choice: unravel his blood-soaked history or lose himself and the life he’s scavenged together.

Bare your teeth. The nightmares are at your door.

Wildblood is a companion novel to The Chaos Cycle Duology. It can be enjoyed as a standalone, though familiarity with the duology may enrich reader experience.

*For shoppers outside North America: Please note that shipping the box outside North America is prohibitively expensive. While the shipping prices are steep, I only charge what the shipping labels cost me or a few dollars less.