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Announcing: Wildblood

After two long years...

I am so thrilled to announce my new book, WILDBLOOD, out October 29, 2024 from Parliament House Press. Add it to GoodReads here:

I began this book in December 2021, a few months after the release of The Echoed Realm, book #2 in The Chaos Cycle Duology. Wildblood was born from the constant niggle that I wasn’t done with this world, that I still had so much to explore, and with one character in particular: Kai Donovan.

The Chaos Cycle Duology was Miya’s story. It was her journey, her struggles, and her awakening. And yes, while Kai features prominently in those books and is a core character, his history and his struggles were never as central. Wildblood finally gives him the opportunity to take centre stage. Above all else, this book is about his past, his family, and his trauma. It’s about processing those traumas, understanding what drives and motivates us, and finding a path forward despite all the pain.

This book will depart from The Chaos Cycle Duology in several important ways. First, it does represent a shift in genre. While the duology was a folkore-infused, dark contemporary fantasy-horror series, Wildblood represents a shift into gritty urban fantasy with a heavier emphasis on romance. One of my major goals with this book was to make it accessible to new readers who are unfamiliar with the duology. Essentially, I don’t want anyone to have to commit to two books before entering the world of Wildblood. While familiarity with the duology may give readers some context for the characters and their relationships, everything you need to know about the duology’s outcomes is explained in Wildblood.

This book was really a labour of love more so than any other I have written. Coming off the back of a completed duology published two years ago, it’s always scary to think about whether people will remember your work and care about a companion novel, but I truly believe that this story will have an impact. The book is a fun, wicked romp through Kai and Miya’s lives after the duology, but it is also my sincere attempt to explore generational trauma, PTSD, and to write a complex and flawed male character that is both worthy of simping and a living literary example of how difficult it is to live with emotional scars.

I am so excited to share more details, including cover reveal dates, pre-order dates, and more! But for now, I would be super grateful to anyone who adds the book to their GoodReads!

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