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Audiobook Giveaway!

Read on for a chance to win a free audiobook of The Hollow Gods!

Hey Bookworms!

I’ve been planning on doing this for forever, but live has been so hectic that I am only getting around to it now. I have TWO audiobook codes available for The Hollow Gods and I’m eager to give them away. If you win, you can grab a copy of the audiobook for yourself or gift the code to a friend who you’d like to coerce into entering the world of The Chaos Cycle Duology!

The contest will take place on Instagram, and it should also be a lot of fun for fans of the books! As some of you know, The Chaos Cycle Duology draws quite a bit of inspiration from Slavic folklore, and there are quite a few names that may not have the most intuitive pronunciation for English speakers. So, here’s how the contest works:

  1. I will provide a list of names from both books below.
  2. Anyone who wishes to enter contest will have to record themselves pronouncing the names to the best of their ability.
  3. Post your video (or audio) on Instagram (either as a regular post, a reel, or a story) and MAKE SURE TO TAG ME (@a.j.vrana). However, if you’re uncomfortable posting publicly, you are free to DM me a video/audio clip!
  4. Contest closes Friday, January 28 at 9pm EST!

Based on the most accurate pronunciations, two winners will be announced on Tuesday February 1, 2021! I will also be posting a fun pronunciation guide here on my blog along with some trivia you may not have known!

Without further ado, here are the names you’ll need to try and pronounce:







Good luck, everyone, and happy wording!

Remember, contest closes Friday, January 28 at 9pm and winners will be announced February 1, 2021!


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