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Nerdy Book Box Exclusive Feature!

Happy Saturday Bookworms!

I come bearing excellent news! The Hollow Gods has been selected to be featured in the next Nerdy Book Box! For those of you unfamiliar with book boxes and book crates, these subscription services (though there are usually one-time purchase options) for monthly or quarterly boxes that come with a feature title and tons of exclusive book swag, goodies, and other surprises! Usually, swag and goodies are designed and produced by independent creators, so book boxes go a long way to supporting and giving exposure to indie creators!

Nerdy Book Box is a gorgeous subscription box with one-time purchase available, and their theme for the month of February is “Dark Whispers.” It goes without saying, then, that The Hollow Gods is the perfect book for this theme, and I am so excited to announce that Nerdy Book Box will be featuring an exclusive cover for a limited print run, available only with the purchase of this box!

And holy shit guys, is it ever a gorgeous cover!!! The red hues remind me of dried blood, which, frankly, if you’re red my book….you know it’s appropriate.

Okay, but what goodies are included?!

The stuff that comes with the book is usually one of the main incentives for buying book boxes! Usually, these items are made only for the book box, so they are limited in quantity and highly customized for the box’s theme. In Nerdy Book Box’s Dark Whispers box, you can expect the following:

And more…

If you’re interested in purchasing the upcoming box feature an exclusive cover for The Hollow Gods, check out the buttons below!

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