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The Echoed Realm: HAPPY RELEASE DAY!

· And another interview with Kai Donovan... ·

It's been a very long year...

…but The Echoed Realm, the second and final installment of The Chaos Cycle Duology, is out in the world today!

I’m honestly speechless. I was never expecting to get the amount of support and love that I have for these books, and The Echoed Realm in particular is the culmination of everything that went into The Hollow Gods. There are so so so many people to thank (many of whom will find themselves in my acknowledgments section in the book!). Mostly, however, I want to thank my readers. Many of you took a chance on an unknown debut author from a small press and have stuck with me fort he past year and then some. Truly, you are a boon and a huge reason for my success!

Last year, The Inkslinger and I posted an interview with Kai Donovan with reader-generated questions, and after its popularity, people had even more questions for their favourite shit-kicker! So, I’ve decided to do another interview as a special treat, and each question comes directly from readers and fans!

But before we dive into that, I want to remind everyone that The Chaos Cycle Duology is getting special edition hardbacks with illustrated cover jackets (art by Monika Palosz), which you can now pre-order! Each pre-order will come with the custom bookplate and postcard of more original art by Monika Palosz, pictured below!

The Hollow Gods cover will be revealed some time late this month, though pre-orders are up! BOTH books release on October 26, 2021 and will be received by buyers at the same time!

You can also pre-order The Hollow Gods special edition hardback or the complete Chaos Cycle Duology signed hardbacks, though the cover for The Hollow Gods is yet to be revealed!

And without further ado, let’s get into the interview!

Do you have a favorite injury to inflict? 

Kai: Headbutt to the face. Nothing more satisfying than the sound of a crunching nose. 

Do you prefer knifing or breaking bones?

Kai: Why not both? Knifing and bone-breaking are equally satisfying, and it’s not like you have to choose, though I’d recommend bone-breaking before knifing. Sometimes you get a gusher, and while it might look badass to get sprayed in someone else’s blood, it’s pretty inconvenient. Have you ever gotten blood in your eyes? Fucking sucks. It’s sticky, and a bitch to get out of clothes if you wait too long.

What’s your favourite smell as a wolf and as a person?

Kai: Meat and meat. Also a fan of rubbing alcohol and gasoline. 

What bar bet would you win?

Kai: All of them.

Best by far is getting trashed and throwing darts at someone standing next to the dartboard. I like to call specific body parts, like a left thumb. I never miss.

Weirdest place you’ve had sex?

Kai: A cubbyhole in a haunted house attraction—you know, the one where the actors hide.

What’s the number of people you’ve slept with?

Kai: Enough to know what I’m doing. Why? Are you contacting them for testimonials? 

Most embarrassing moment? 

Kai: I once found one of Mason’s jokes funny. I laughed after he left. If you tell him, I’ll fucking end you.

Aside from that, got hammered on cheap wine, went to get snacks, mistook a feral cat for a bag of Cheetos. Carried said cat around like a football for an hour before trying to get an actual bag of Cheetos. Didn’t end up getting it because the store clerk wouldn’t let me in with the cat, which my drunk ass didn’t want to put down. I liked that cat.

Least favorite memory?

Kai: Why the fuck would remember that?  

Weirdest nightmare?

Kai: Gonna stick with my fever dream of being chased by a bus being driven by a hamster. Yeah, that one fucked me up. Literally worse than demonic possession.

How do you feel about clowns?

Kai: Not really a fan. Too many sudden movements. Too much smiling. Too many teeth. It’s like they’re asking to be punched.

Do you have any strange talents?

Kai: I can skin a rabbit one-handed. Also, I stayed conscious after getting shot with a horse tranquilizer. Does that count as a talent? 

Favorite sexual position 😏😂

Kai: As long as it doesn’t involve body chocolate or nipple clamps, I’ve never started in a position I couldn’t finish in. As for the body chocolate and nipple clamps, if you want more details, you’ll have to pay the bar tab.

Finish this sentence: Revenge is a dish best served…

Kai: …personally?

If you had to kick someone’s ass and you weren’t allowed to use steel-toed boots, what would be your weapon of choice?

Kai: A raccoon. Throw a raccoon at a man’s face, and watch the little fucker get to work. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, raccoons know how to scrap, especially when there’s bologna on the line. 

What’s worse? Buses or Mason Evans?

Kai: Well, Mason is the public transit version of people, so…

Wait, scratch that. Mason is worse. At least a bus can kick my ass, and I respect that.

Miya: What if Mason’s driving the bus?

Kai: Then that bus probably couldn’t hit roadkill.

Ideal date with Miya?

Someone else’s credit card, fancy hotel, trash the place, leave a show for the black lights. 

Favourite deadly sin?

Since we’re not talking about the one I’m most afflicted by, I’d say my favourite is lust, which I guess is just gluttony of the dick. 

Do you enjoy my writing? If you want to support me, check out my books, including my dark fantasy debut, The Hollow Gods and its sequel, The Echoed Realm, from The Chaos Cycle duology.

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Do you enjoy my writing? If you want to support me, check out my books, including my dark fantasy debut, The Hollow Gods and its sequel, The Echoed Realm, from The Chaos Cycle duology.


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